Ok, so I’m a little behind still blogging about SharePoint 2007 and then combine that with PowerShell and I wish I could be doing this for SharePoint 2010 instead.  But that it beside the point.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been learning a little bit more SharePoint development.  The other day I was working with a solution, deploying it to my development site inside my VM and was getting sick of typing multiple stsadm commands to deploy the solution.  So, I wrote a batch file.  Then I decided, why right a batch file if I keep creating more solutions, I should just write a PowerShell script.

So, here is my first pass at the PowerShell script.  In it’s current state, you need to modify a few variables in the script itself based on your deployment.  Once this is done, the script will look at the solutions you current have installed in your farm, and either install and deploy the solution or upgrade the solution.  It will also look at various aspects to the solution and add flags as appropriate.

Again, this is my first pass as the script.  I hope to continue to improve the script and add to it down the road and will continue to update this script and publish additional posts as to what has changed.  Feel free to suggest any updates, download it, use it, modify it, etc.  The script is for the SharePoint community to use and share however you see fit.