Time for another blog post, nothing SharePointy or incredibly mind blowing, just an update about what’s going on.  First of all an apology to anyone who has left me a comment in the last month or so and I haven’t responded.  Life has been a little hectic.  I still have all your comments marked unread in my email as a reminder to address them all.  I hope sometime this week.

One of the biggest results of me getting behind was Christmas and New Years.  My wife and I did quite a bit of traveling, both up to Michigan to see my family and out to Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska to see my wife’s extend family.  Being gone for almost 2 weeks I got a little behind.

The second reason I’m behind is that after taking a 16 month sabbatical to pursue SharePoint work at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL; I have returned to full time work as a Sr. SharePoint Architect for EPC Group.

While at the hospital I made a lot of good friends, many of whom I will keep in contact with and I learned a lot.  I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  However, I also learned I really missed the consulting and working with different clients in implementing SharePoint and using this tool to improve their business process as well as use it to help resolve various pain points within their organizations.

So, it is with great excitement and anticipation of what the future has to hold that I once again delve into the world of SharePoint consulting.

Thirdly, as a little teaser, there are also some exciting things happening in the Jacksonville area as it relates to the SharePoint community…stay tuned for more updates as they develop.