If you’ve ever tried to add a Calendar to your Publish SharePoint site running on the Office 365 P1 plan, you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t an option. However, with a little bit of work, you can get around it.

  1. Sign into your Public Facing Site, go to Site Settings and Site Content.
  2. Add a “Custom List” App

  3. Give you custom list whatever name you want to use for the Calendar
  4. Once the Custom list has been created, go to the list settings and click on advanced settings

  5. Set “Allow Management of Content Types?” to Yes and click OK

  6. In your list settings, you now have a section in the list for Content Types, click “Add from existing content types”

  7. Select “Event”, Click Add>, Click OK

  8. Go back to your custom list, and create a new view
  9. Create a Calendar View and give it whatever name you wish

  10. Give it whatever name and settings you want for the view (you need to set the Start Time, End Time and Titles), click OK

  11. Now you have a Calendar!