SharePoint 2013 Custom Access Denied Page (and others) Fixed

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Several people have found the bug that existed in setting a custom access denied page (or other custom layouts pages) in SharePoint 2013. The PowerShell cmdlet Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage “should” set the new custom page. However, it never worked: Good news is, this has been fixed in April 2014 Cumulative Update(CU). We did find though, that there is one key … Read More

SharePoint 2013 Custom My Site Master Page – 401 Unauthorized

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[Update 2014-02-18]: I spoke too soon, after some further testing, it turned out it wasn’t the CU that ended up resolving the problem (although it may still be a contributor…I’ll need to find another environment to do some testing).  I also found some features that weren’t activated/deactivated the same between the environments.  After setting all the features the same and … Read More

SharePoint List REST Query filter contains

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I was recently venturing into the world of SharePoint Development using REST. I wanted to do a query for list items containing a particular string, rather than just equals a string. I had some trouble coming up with the solution at the time (this was about 7 months ago) and just never got around to writing up a blog post. … Read More

SharePoint 2013 Prerequisite installer, Error with .NET 4.0 and Windows Server 2012

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This week I was building a SharePoint 2013 farm for a client. We were using the AutoSPInstaller (Awesome tool!). However, we got ourselves caught in an infinite loop. Essential, the installer would start, try to install the prerequisites, throw the errors: WARNING: 2013-08-07 18:19:01 – Error when enabling ASP.NET v4.0.30319 WARNING: 2013-08-07 18:19:01 – Error: The tool was unable to … Read More