SharePoint 2013 Custom Access Denied Page (and others) Fixed

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Several people have found the bug that existed in setting a custom access denied page (or other custom layouts pages) in SharePoint 2013. The PowerShell cmdlet Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage “should” set the new custom page. However, it never worked: Good news is, this has been fixed in April 2014 Cumulative Update(CU). We did find though, that there is one key … Read More

SharePoint 2013 Custom My Site Master Page – 401 Unauthorized

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[Update 2014-02-18]: I spoke too soon, after some further testing, it turned out it wasn’t the CU that ended up resolving the problem (although it may still be a contributor…I’ll need to find another environment to do some testing).  I also found some features that weren’t activated/deactivated the same between the environments.  After setting all the features the same and … Read More

SharePoint List REST Query filter contains

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I was recently venturing into the world of SharePoint Development using REST. I wanted to do a query for list items containing a particular string, rather than just equals a string. I had some trouble coming up with the solution at the time (this was about 7 months ago) and just never got around to writing up a blog post. … Read More

SharePoint 2013 Prerequisite installer, Error with .NET 4.0 and Windows Server 2012

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This week I was building a SharePoint 2013 farm for a client. We were using the AutoSPInstaller (Awesome tool!). However, we got ourselves caught in an infinite loop. Essential, the installer would start, try to install the prerequisites, throw the errors: WARNING: 2013-08-07 18:19:01 – Error when enabling ASP.NET v4.0.30319 WARNING: 2013-08-07 18:19:01 – Error: The tool was unable to … Read More

Remove the Scroll Bar from a Custom SharePoint Web Part

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Normally this should be pretty straight forward.  However, today I had a custom Silverlight web part that had the vertical scroll bar appear whenever I set it to a fixed height.  It wasn’t that the content was too large for the fix height, it just felt I needed the scroll bar and no matter how large I set the height, … Read More

Orchard, Intelligink and Baby

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It’s been a while since I posted anything, so although this won’t be anything directly related to SharePoint, I figured I would write a brief update about what I’ve been up what’s going on. The New Blog Some of you have already noticed, or may be noticing right now, that I’ve switch my blog hosting. I used to be using … Read More